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  • Domain Registration & Hosting

  • Website Designing & Development

  • Software Application Development

  • Mobile Apps Development

  • Marketing Services


A domain name registry is a database of all domain names and the associated registrant information in the top level domains of the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet that allow third party entities to request administrative control of a domain name. Most registries operate on the top-level and second-level of the DNS.

A registry operator, sometimes called a network information center (NIC) maintains all administrative data of the domain and generates a zone files which contains the addresses of the nameservers for each domain. Each registrar is an organization that manages the registration of domain names within the domains for which it is responsible, controls the policies of domain name allocation, and technically operates its domain. It may also fulfill the function of adomain name registrar, or may delegate that function to other entities.[1]

Domain names are managed under a hierarchy headed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which manages the top of the DNS tree by administrating the data in the root nameservers.

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Website Designing Development

It is necessary for every business to have electronic media appearance in the 21st century. And website is the best way to represent your business online. Your website is a gateway for your customers to your company that is open 24 hours a day. Therefore it needs to be interesting enough to sustain your customers.

To have a successful and a meaningful presence on the Internet, a website is an absolute must. Website stand apart from the crowd.

Prevoyance Technologies deals with web project of any complexity and duration. Whether you need a small, nice looking web site, a complex E-Commerce web application or Corporate Website.

Under Web Development Services, we use modern web Development platforms and software tools such as: Java, JSP, JavaScript, Servlets, Perl, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP and HTML, XML, WAP etc.


• Simple Website 

• Joomla Website 

• WordPress Design 

• Flash Websites 

• Flash Banners 

• Flash Intros 

• Flash Presentations 

• Website Designing 

• Web Programming 

• Website Redesign 

• Web Templates 

• Custom E-commerce Solutions 


Fully custom designed website – We will create a unique custom design for your website to coordinate with any existing marketing media you use, your logo, and your company colors. If you do not already have a “look,” we will work with you to develop a professional look that reflects your business and market.

Content Management – We are always happy to help you update your website, but you may sometimes prefer to handle changes and updates yourself. We can set you up with a Content Management System that is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. You can quickly keep your site interesting and fresh!

Search engine friendly site – It’s imperative that your website is built “Google Friendly” by a company who has years of proven experience in building search engine friendly websites. We will build your website to the highest standards defined by Google to ensure that search engines can find all of your web pages.

Contact forms – Make sure your site visitors can reach you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Website visitors love contact forms, it makes it easy for them to request information from you. Website owners love contact forms, they deliver leads right into your email inbox!

Audio/video integration – Audio & video are sweeping the internet, & leveling the playing field for small & medium size business websites. Technology that used to be reserved for the largest corporations are now accessible to anyone, & we can add audio or video to your website that will supercharge your site’s competitive advantage!

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Software Application Development

Does your company want to reduce the risks and time associated with application development? If yes, then it’s time to developed your application development to a reputed software development company like Prevoyance Technologies. With over 5 years of extensive experience and expertise across domains, we have the competence to understand your business needs and provide you with cutting-edge software and mobile applications.


The Spiral Iterative Methodology

Our developers use the spiral iterative methodology to build software applications in the shortest possible time and with zero risk. In this process, an application will go through different stages, such as:

  •  Definition and analysis of requirements
  •  Design
  •  Development
  •  Integration and testing
  •  Deployment and acceptance
  •  Maintenance

 The following diagram depicts the flow of this process.


We start the project by gathering your requirements, conducting business analysis and creating a feature list and cost estimate. The development contract will then be signed and the project will start up. We then assign an experienced project manager to head a team of skilled software developers. This diagram depicts the project planning process at Prevoyance.


 Stage 1: Defining and analyzing the requirements

The customer provides us with detailed project-related information, gathered from supporting documents, process specs, systems, on-site analysis, market research, competitor analysis and end-user interviews. We define and analyze the requirements from the requirements document, project plan, use cases and requirements traceability. We will then create use cases and generate a use case model. Next, the scope of the project will be validated and cost estimates will be made. Revisions, if any, will be made at this stage. The following diagram displays how requirements are defined.


 Stage 2: Designing the application

In this stage, our software developers will design the application based on the requirements, use cases and the scope of the project agreed upon in the previous stage. The following is accomplished in this phase:

  •  Development and validation of the prototype and user interface
  •  Representation of use cases through collaboration diagrams
  •  Elaborations of the design model
  •  Development of the implementation model, generated from the design
  •  Generation of the test model from use cases

Once the design is completed, it will be validated against the customer’s requirements. The scope of the project will be validated and an estimate will be made. Revisions, if any, are made at this stage.


 Stage 3: Developing the application

In the development stage, our developers will create the actual code based on the finalized design documents. The application will then be tested against the customer’s requirements and test cases. The following will be accomplished in this phase:

  •  Development of the code in accordance to design and implementation models
  •  Testing of the code according to test plans and cases
  •  Integration of the application
  •  Quality testing
  •  Customer acceptance tests are conducted and the customer provides feedback
  •  Debugging is conducted

  This stage ends with the customer’s acceptance of the developed application.


Stage 4: Integrating and testing the application

After development, the application will be deployed on a live server. Test plans, deployment maps and user acceptance criteria will be used in the integration process. An acceptance report and a deployment plan will be created along with the integrated software. Our developers will then implement the application at the customer’s premises or hosting server. This is followed by the implementation sign-off by the customer. We follow a strict project schedule for integration and testing of any application.


 Stage 5: Deploying the application

In the final stage of deployment, the software application will be developed according to the deployment plan. After the deployed software is accepted by the customer, we will form a maintenance team that will continue to provide support to the customer.



Mobile application development process at Prevoyance

At Prevoyance, we also specialize in developing custom mobile applications. Our structured business processes, technology expertise, domain understanding and extensive experience have made us one of India’s leading providers of mobile application development. We adhere to a unique process that focuses on increased flexibility, scalability, user experience and speed.


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 Our strategic software development process, process-oriented methodology and use of the latest technologies enable us to provide high quality applications at an affordable cost. Outsource software application development today and experience zero project risks and on-time delivery. Get in touch with us now.

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Mobile Application Development

 Prevoyance expertise in mobile solutions includes Android application development for Smartphones, PDAs, Pocket PCs and other mobile devices. Our Android application development specialists use the latest development technologies, Java and Android framework for creation of custom applications. We can create custom solutions for every need.


The Android™ platform brings an Internet-like innovation and openness to mobile phones. This mobile platform delivers a complete set of software for mobile devices: an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications.


Custom Android solutions include 

    • Web applications for Android
    • Barcode scanning solutions 
    • Utility applications 
    • Android games and multimedia applications development 
    • Mobile business software creation 
    • Applications with GPS Navigation, Travel Guides, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 
    • Android libraries building 

Mobile application developers have the training and experience to provide you with solutions for all your Android application needs.

To find out more about your Android application development, please fill our inquiry form and our Customer Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours.

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